Golf Training Tools For Beginners & Pros

Golf Training Tips & Tools To Improve Your Performance On The Green

As late pro golf icon Harvey Penick once said “Go out and have fun. Golf is a game for everyone, not just the talented few.” Golf is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors alone or with friends, and a unique form of sport and exercise that is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. If you haven’t yet played the game of golf, give it a try you’ll be glad you did. 

While it helps to have natural born talent and good hand eye coordination, with a little patience and the right tools anyone can significantly improve their playing ability. Focus on consistent practice and repetition, which will build muscle memory, and help refine your form and technique. To help assist you with your progress we recommend these Top 5 Golf Training Aides.

Top 5 Golf Training Aides To Improve Your Game

Whether you are an amateur player getting started in the game of golf a seasoned pro or somewhere in between. These top golf training aides will help you to achieve your goals.

Tools To Improve Your Short Game -

Around 40% of all golf shots on the course are made with a putter. By perfecting your short game you will reduce the number of putts you take each round, and significantly improve your score. Try these highly rated golf putting aides to improve putts.

PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer - Responsive Putting Feedback

PuttOuts ground breaking golf putt trainer was invented in London, Great Britain and now recently available in the United States. It simulates conditions on the putting green, returning your ball the same distance it would have gone if it had missed the hole. Excellent to improve your aim, and build muscle memory through repetition. An effective training tool for both long and short putts, as well as a ton of fun for both beginner and pro alike.

TPK Putting Stick - Improve Golf Putting Form & Alignment

If you are serious about improving your golf game this putting stick by TPK is a must have for any skill level. It unique design forces you to make a true takeaway and follow through, encouraging proper form and alignment. Endorsed by some of the finest golf instructors in the world it will rapidly strengthen your short game. A great tool to help you stop missing those short putting shots.

Putt-A-Bout 3'x9' Putting Green - The Perfect Golf Putt Training Surface

The Putt-A-Bout putting green provides the ideal surface for practicing your putts on the green. Its smooth non-folding surface with non-slip backing is great for use in combination with the PuttOut Pressure Putting Trainer or TPK Putting Stick. Features three practice holes and sand trap cutouts to catch your shots. A fun practice aide to introduce youth and newcomers to golf and perfecting your putting ability. 

Tools To Improve Your Long Game -

Improve your distance drives with a better golf swing and greater driving strength. By using these pro golf training tools designed around improving your long game.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer - Warm Up Quicker & Improve Flexibility Strength & Tempo

The TKLZ Gold Flex golf swing trainer is the perfect golf exercise tool to develop and improve your swings. An exaggerated flex helps improve form as you build core golf muscles giving you more power and control. Its flexible design allows for low impact stretching, making it the perfect warm up tool. Take advantage of the natural feeling of lag on the back swing to find a perfect tempo. The #1 selling swing trainer for both casual and competitive players.

Rukket 10'x7' Golf Net - Golf Swinging Aide Brings The Driving Range Home

Created and Endorsed by University of Georgia SEC Coach Chris Haack, the high quality Rukket Golf Net is the perfect range driving trainer. Designed for quick and easy set up and take down, and comes with a durable carry bag. An x-large durable 4-ply net surface will catch and return even the most errant shots. A great golf training aide to improve your golf aim, swing, and follow through on the course.