Quickly give your kitchen a Modern New look by replacing your Old kitchen faucet

From prepping food to washing dishes and watering plants. We all spend more time in the kitchen than most any other room in the house. The kitchen faucet is the central focus of any kitchen and one of the simplest and most affordable elements to upgrade. Modern faucets come with some great features such as hand free washing, multi setting pull down sprayers, and are installation friendly and designed to fit most any sink type.

Best Kitchen Faucets Of 2019

Whether you are replacing a leaky faucet or just giving your kitchen a fresh new look we researched and discovered the most affordable, long lasting and highly rated kitchen faucets of 2019, to save you time and money giving your kitchen a great new look and feel. Check out our DIY Shortcut kitchen faucet recommendations, and easy installation instructions below.

1. Most Affordable kitchen faucets

WEWE kitchen faucets are an excellent choice for both style and affordability. Easily matching most any kitchen sink. The WEWE 3T01L comes with a 3 setting extendable sprayer. Its easy functionality and maintenance free design keeps your faucet looking clean. Simple DIY installation in under 30 minutes.

The WEWE A1008L is a smooth functioning feature packed kitchen faucet. Excellent quality and quite affordable. Includes single handle temperature control, two spray control settings, extra long extendable sprayer wand and a 5 year warranty. Beautiful stainless spot free finish. Easy installation in under 20 minutes!

2. Excellent Mid Tier Kitchen Faucets

The KRAUS KPF-2620SFS Oletto is a striking mid tier faucet that will fit most any kitchen. Simple stylish design with spot free stainless steel finish. Dual setting smooth function easy retract sprayer. Built to last with heavy duty lead free construction, plus a top quality drip free ceramic valve. Limited lifetime warranty, and easy installation for just about anyone.

The KRAUS KPF-1675SFS Ansel features a compact elegant design with All-Brite spot free stainless steel finish. Limited lifetime warranty on faucet and finish included. Dual function extendable wand with magnetic docking. Quick connect installation technology allows easy installation without hand tightening. An excellent mid level faucet.

3. The Best Top Tier Kitchen Faucets

Moen is the top of the line in touchless kitchen faucets. The Moen 7864EWSRS Sleek Kitchen Faucet is a beautiful example. Power clean spray technology provides 50% more spray power versus faucets without power spray technology. Equip with Reflex system for smooth sprayer extension and retraction and secure docking.  MotionSense Touchless wave technology features touch free activation and shutoff with the wave of a hand. Duralock quick connect system provides easy installation. An excellent touch less kitchen faucet choice.

Made in the USA Kohler Kitchen Faucets are a great choice in quality and long lasting durability. The Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts is a uniquely beautiful faucet inspired by turn of the century charm. Its Unique 3 function, highly flexible pull down spray head, features sweep spray, a forceful blade of water for superior cleaning, and berry soft for soft washing of fruits and vegetables. A top of the line faucet well worth the cost, featuring a unique splash free sprayer that will see frequent use.

4. Top Quality Commercial Sink Faucets

Built for the busy kitchen the Fapully 100550N is made to last. A low price feature packed commercial faucet with great functionality. Its features a powerful one function kitchen sprayer head, and separate pot filler. Backed by money a 2 year no cost replacement warranty on all parts and finish.

The Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola is another great choice in commercial faucets. Featuring maximum durability with corrosion and rust free finish. Excellent usability with its flexible extending sprayer head, magnetic docking, and dual functions featuring power spray and steady stream. Backed by the Kraus limited lifetime warranty and customer care. 

How To Easily Replace A Kitchen Faucet

Replacing your kitchen faucet may seem like a complicated task requiring a professional, but they are actually quite easy to install. Modern faucets come with helpful step by step installation instructions that allow for installation by just about anyone. Save the money you’d spend hiring a plumber and learn something new as we cover the right steps for installing most any kitchen faucet type.

Removing The Old Faucet

  1. Identify Your Kitchen Sink Type – First determine what type of faucet your sink is designed for. Check under the sink and count the holes. Older faucets usually have one hole for the faucet and two for the handles. Most newer faucets such as those with single handles only use the single center hole for installation. Don’t worry though most all new faucets will come with a Base Plate which cover the additional holes and allow for single faucet installation.
  2. Shut Off The Water To Your Faucet – Easy to locate under the sink find the valves to turn off the water. Afterwards turn on the kitchen faucet to empty and remaining water.
  3. Disconnect The Water Supply Lines – Start by placing a bucket under the lines to catch any drips and disconnect. You may need a wrench.
  4. Remove Your Old Faucet – Find the bolts holding the old faucet into place and using a wrench to disconnect. Lift your old faucet loose. It may take some wiggling if there is buildup or corrosion. Afterwards clean the sink of any loose gunk and old sealant so the new faucet will fit w

Installing The New Faucet

  1. Setting The Deck Plate Into Place –  Follow the instructions included with your new faucet which usually start by installing rings or rubber gaskets over the existing sink holes to prevent water leaking down below, and installing the deck plate if needed.
  2. Insert And Secure The New Faucet – Insert and position your new faucet into the mounting holes and tighten the nuts from underneath.
  3. Reconnect The Water Lines – Most new faucets will also come with new supply lines. Connect the new supply lines making sure you get the hot and cold matched up correctly. It can be a good idea to apply a small piece of teflon plumbers tape to the threads to ensure a tight seal.
  4. Remove The Faucet Aerator / Turn On The Water – Take off the small faucet aerator at the end of the faucet, and then slowly turn on the water. Let it run for a while to clear the new water lines, and pay attention for any sign of leaks. Re-attach the faucet aerator.

That’s it. You are now set to enjoy your new kitchen faucet!