Seasonal Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Guards - Fixing Blocked Downspouts

Follow these simple tips to avoid rain gutter spillover, downspout blockages, and the risk of water damage to your home.

Gutter Cleaning Tool Kit

Seasonal Gutter Cleaning

Preventative maintenance will go a long way in avoiding gutter problems. A seasonal gutter cleaning after the leaves have fallen will ensure your gutters flow freely during the rainy season. This handy gutter cleaning kit makes gutter cleaning a little easier. It comes with a flexible scoop that fits most any gutter size. As well as an extension tool to pull gutter debris towards you saving you time moving a ladder.

Installing Gutter Guards

A great gutter solution for homes with many trees is gutter guards. Guards keep tree debris out of gutters preventing clogged downspouts, and the need for seasonal cleaning. These gutter guards in particular are quite easy to install and very effective. They slip under the roof shingles and clip onto the lip of the rain gutter. The additional fine screen keeps even the smallest tree seeds, and debris out. For more on gutter guards see our page on Choosing The Best Gutter Guards For Your Home.

Choosing the best gutter guards for your home 2019
how to unplug a clogged downspout

Fixing A Clogged Downspouts

Rain gutter spillover is often caused by a downspout blockage, usually at the downspout elbows. For a simple solution use this water hose jet attachment which connects to your garden hose. It is quite flexible, and will easily reach the blockage. For heavier debris you may need a good drain auger. To avoid future blockages we recommend installing these long lasting aluminum downspout strainers.