How To Kill Roof Moss On Your Home
Moss - Lichen - Algae

Simple Methods To Remove Unsightly And Damaging Moss, Lichen, and Algae Growth From Your Roof And Outdoor Surfaces In An Environmentally Safe Way

Types Of Roof Moss And Exterior Surface Growth

Roof mosses can grow on just about any roof type including wood shingle, composite asphalt, tile, cement, and even metal. Along with being unsightly they may cause damage to a roofs surface shortening its life span. Most growth takes hold on the north side of the roof or areas of limited sunlight. There are three primary categories of common roof growths. Moss, lichen, and algae.

Roof Moss – Usually grows in thick green clumps which produce small flowering stalks. Found more frequents in damp areas of limited or partial shade.

Lichen – Hardy organisms that grow in any climate and on most any roof type. Lichens are often grey, yellow, and orange in color. These organisms are particularly aggressive. Drawing nutrient from the surfaces they take hold on, they can rapidly dissolve and cause pitting in roof surfaces. 

Algae – Algae is common in most climates that see seasonal rainfall. Usually manifests as dark soot like staining running down roof surfaces.

Effective & safe roof moss, lichen and algae treatment methods as Well As prevention

What to avoid – While there are a host of methods for attacking these unwanted gardens on your rooftops. Some are more effective and safe for your roofs surface than others. Roof moss and lichens have well established root growth which do not allow for easy removal. One common method of roof moss removal that we DO NOT recommend is power washing. Power washing roof surfaces with a high pressure sprayer may cause considerable damage to the surface of the roof. Especially with composite asphalt roof rooftops, power washing may remove not only the moss, but years of life from the roof. While power washing can bring immediate gratifying results, it is not worth the lasting damage it can cause. We also recommend avoiding harsh chemical and chlorine containing products as these can be toxic to work with and cause surface staining and considerable damage to landscape foliage.

Safe Moss Removal – It takes some time for roof moss, and other growths to get established, and it may require a little patience to fully remove and keep in check. A safe and effective method we recommend for removing roof moss or other unwanted growth from your roof and outdoor surfaces, is applying an environmentally safe product, and give it time to work. Use of most products with algae will often bring immediate results as algae does not have as well established roots as mosses and lichens. If you treat moss or lichen it may require some time to fully kill their root systems, allowing the mosses and lichens to break free from the rooftop without causing damage to its surface

After getting ahead of your roof moss, lichen or algae growth it is a good idea to reapply product once every year or two depending on your climate. This will prevent surface growth from returning.

The Shortcut - Simple Eco Friendly moss, Lichen And Algae removal products

Before applying any rooftop treatments we recommend having experience using safe roof and ladder climbing practices. If you are not comfortable with heights it is a good idea to hire a professional that has experience walking rooftops, and follows safety procedures such as use of a rope and harness. 

There are many methods and products to attack roof growth. Avoid power washing which can damage your rooftop, and use of strong chemicals that are harsh to work with and may cause damage to tree, flowers, shrubs, and grasses in your landscape. We recommend using an environmentally safe product that is harsh on mosses, lichen, and algae, but non toxic and gentle on plants and ground foliage.

Be sure to use appropriate eye, skin, and respiratory protection as directed in product application instructions.

Roof Wash - An Effective Eco Friendly Roof Moss Removal Product

This environmentally safe Roof Wash is particularly effective at removing mosses, lichen or algae from asphalt shingles. They also have products for cedar shingle rooftops and cement roof surfaces such as tile. The non toxic chlorine free solution contains powerful natural cleaning agents that will not cause surface staining or damage to plants. Mix approx. 1/2 cup of powder per gallon of water. Double amount for well establish growth or heavier stains. 1 lb of product covers approx. 1000 sq. ft. One 10 lb bucket has enough product for an aggressive treatment of most average home roofs, plus additional applications for future prevention if needed. Apply safe and effectively with a backpack sprayer.

Wash Safe - All Natural Exterior Surface Cleaner Safely Remove Moss, Algae, and Lichens

Wash Safe outdoor surface cleaner is a environmentally sound and effective product for removing unwanted green molds from a host of outdoor surfaces. Safely use on decks, sidewalks, driveways, stucco, outdoor furniture, awnings, cloth shades, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, and just about anything else except for real leather or suede. It comes in a powder that can be easily mixed with water, and applied with a back pack sprayer. After application let the product do its work, no rinsing required. Won’t harm plants or cause surface staining.

Field King Backpack Sprayer For Quick And Easy Product Application.

A quality backpack sprayer is great to have on hand for a host of outdoor projects requiring speedy liquid applications. Field Kings easy pump backpack sprayer provides hands free convenience, making moss killing application of roof and exterior surface cleaners both safer easier. Features a leak free tank, and internal paddles to prevent sprayer clogging. Made with a durable and rigid product design that will hold up to frequent use as well as padded shoulder straps for added comfort. A great tool for this project.