Simple Window Cleaning Tips That Will Leave Your Windows Looking Spotless

How To Clean Window Like A Pro

The Secret Window Cleaning Solution

The real window cleaning secret is that there is no secret. No magical window cleaning soap or spray is going to make your windows look spotless. Like most projects, having the right tools for the job, and using them correctly is the key to achieving sparkling clean windows.

The Right Tools For The Job

While they are many ways to clean a window, the use of a good washer and squeegee is one of the simplest and most effective ways to clean a window. Tool of choice for professional window cleaners, a squeegee while seemingly awkward at first can be easily learned with some basic techniques. Windows are far easier to maintain when cleaned thoroughly with the right tools once or twice a year. In between use a simple vinegar and water spray and some absorbent towels to touch up fingerprints and smudges.

Proper Squeegee Technique

  • First thoroughly soap up the glass with your washer sleeve. (Additional scrubbing with a non abrasive pad may be needed for dirtier windows).
  • Dry the edge you plan on pulling the squeegee from with your “wet rag”. Wipe the squeegee to make sure it is clean.
  • Holding the handle firmly, but flexible start pulling the squeegee toward the other side of the glass. (Maintaining even pressure and the right angle is key). 
  • Use a smaller squeegee if needed for the remaining wet glass.
  • Dry all the edges with your “dry” rag.

The Shortcut - Window Cleaning In Action

"Anyone can learn to clean windows well with a little patience and the right tools"
Aaron jensen
Professional Window Cleaner