Find Out Which Rain Gutter Guards May Be The Best Fit For Your Home

choosing the best gutter guards for your home

Annual rain gutter maintenance can be costly, and quite a challenge. Many homeowners opt to install gutter guards as a way to improve gutter functionality, and eliminate the need for maintenance. If you have hard to reach gutters, or many trees on your property, installing gutter guards can be a great maintenance free option. 

When searching for gutter guards finding the right guards can be quite a challenge. There are many options to choose from, and many companies trying to sell you on a product. At DIY Shortcuts we researched, tested, and consulted with professionals in the gutter service industry, who deal with gutter problems every day. We found that many of the more costly hi-tech guards on the market might be more trouble than help. As with many challenges, the simplest solution just may be the best solution. 

While the products we discovered are fairly easy to install. If you are uncomfortable on a ladder or need help installing gutter guards please reach out to a experienced professional!

We Recommend Avoiding These Types Of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards that are difficult to install, and as a result difficult to remove or replace – You want gutter guards that can be removed easily to inspect inside of your rain gutters if needed.

Foam gutter guard inserts – While easy to install these guards quickly become saturated in sediment and contribute to plugging up downspouts.

Wire gutter guards or those made of metals that corrode – Wire guards are ineffective at keeping small debris out of gutters, and metals that corrode may cause damage to your gutters.

Fancy gutter helmets, and covers – These guards are usually a more costly, and permanent option, and make it difficult to inspect your rain gutters if needed.  They also can cause heavier rains to flow over the face of the gutters.

The Shortcut - Best Rain Gutter Guard Recommendations

Snap On Filter Gutter Guards - An Effective Easy To Install Gutter Guard Option

These plastic gutter guards require no screws to attach, have an added fine screen, and are quite effective at keeping even the smallest tree seeds out of gutters. Barely visible from the ground, they snap easily onto the lip of your gutter. A good option for DIY types with lower reach gutters, and those looking for a quick solution.

Durable Long Lasting Aluminium Gutter Guards

For a longer lasting gutter guards that checks all the boxes we recommend these highly rated gutter guards. Designed by professionals in the gutter service industry, these guards made of heavy gauge aluminum are made to last. Relatively easy to install and quite affordable, they also handle heavy downpours quite well. Great for most any home, especially those with heavy debris dropping trees such as oaks.

The No Gutter Guard Option

For some homes gutter guards may not be needed. If you can access your gutters safely on your own, have few trees, or don’t mind paying for a seasonal cleaning, then no gutter guards may be the right option. In this case we do recommend quality downspout strainers to keep debris out of your downspouts which may lead to difficult blockages. These aluminum strainers are non corrosive, long lasting, and fit most any gutter downspouts.