Building your first website can seem like a daunting task. Here we show you how to get your first website up and running, and on to the design process in no time.

1. Create a Domain Name

Your first step in setting up your website is to choose a domain name and find a service to register your domain name with. Give your domain name some serious thought as changing a domain name later is difficult. It should convey to your website visitors what your website is about, and be easy to remember. Think long term about what you want your website to accomplish. In general short, simple, and unique domain names perform best. 

2. Choose a Reliable Web Host

Choosing A Great Web Host

After choosing a domain name you will need a reliable web hosting service to host your website online. A good web host can be a big help as you build, grow, and manage your new website online.There are many web hosting services out there to choose from. Key features to look for in a great web hosting service are reliability, ensuring your website is online up all of the time, great customer service to help you troubleshoot when you need help, and affordable pricing. 

3. Keep Your Site And Its Visitors Secure With An SSL Certificate

Site security is an important feature of any website. After choosing a domain name and finding a web host. You can keep your website and its visitors secure with an SSL Certificate. This certificate can be issued and installed by your chosen web hosting service. An SSL Certificate tells website visitors your website is authentic, and keeps their sensitive information private and secure. Having an SSL Certificate will build trust with your visitors and also help your website rank better in organic search.

4. Start Building and Designing Your Website

After you have your web domain set up and secure you are ready to start building your website. One the most popular and easy to use web builders to do this with is WordPress. They make website building possible for anyone. Start from scratch or customize a theme. WordPress makes it a simple and easy process. Their platform supports the use of third party plugins to help you customize your site just how you want it. From here you can start implementing good SEO (search engine optimization) practices to help your website run smoothly and be found easily.

The Shortcut - Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, And Website Builder All In One

Our DIY Shortcut recommendation is Bluehost Web Hosting. They make all of the above steps easy to execute in one simple place, and are one of the most most widely used and reliable Web Site Hosting Services today. 

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