Newest Yard & Garden Water Faucet Timer Or Smart Sprinkler Controller

More Efficient Lawn & Garden Watering With A Water Faucet Timer Or Smart Sprinkler Controller

Watering the lawn or garden has come a long way from dragging around a garden hose, and trying to remember to turn off the water so you don’t flood the yard or run up your water bill. New smart watering systems have a multitude of options and features for all your landscape watering needs.

If you are looking to automate yard and garden watering without spending thousands of dollars on an in ground watering system, a wireless water faucet timer might be just the thing you need. The newest water faucet timers make irrigating your lawn and garden easier than ever. Paired easily with a phone or other device. They provide fully customizable control of watering from anywhere. 

If you have a multi zone ground irrigation system already installed, upgrading to a smart sprinkler controller will allow customizing your water usage, substantially increasing water conservation. The latest smart sprinkler controllers and apps provide wireless control of your water system from anywhere.

Best Wireless Water Faucet Timer - Gain Full Control Of Your Backyard Watering Without The Need Of An Expensive Ground System

Full ground watering, and irrigation systems are not for everyone. Maybe you are on a budget, and spending thousands of dollars on a ground system is not feasible, or perhaps you have a smaller yard or garden to manage. Zilker has come up with an entirely new and fully automated watering option for full control of your watering needs. A feature packed option for any budget. 

Zilker Faucet Timer - For Anywhere Wireless Control Of Your Backyard Watering

Take full control of your yard from anywhere with internet access with the new Zilker Water Faucet Timer.  Zilker uses long range 900 mhz radio frequency for 2.5 times the coverage of standard wifi to reach all areas of your yard. Make adjustments while on vacations or stay dry indoors when its raining with the Zilker App. Setup your App with local weather stations and your timer will adjust to water more when its extremely hot or less when it is raining. Smart water conservation features chart your usage history and Smart Leak Detention will let you know if you have a leak anywhere in your watering setup.

Use multiple Zilker Faucet Timers with a bridge connector and manage multiple watering zones in your yard with one app. The durable exterior is build to last and fully insulated and UV resistant. Battery life lasts a full year with typical use. Easy installation just install the app, attach to your water faucet, and start watering!

Best WiFi Connected Sprinkler Controller For Your Ground System - Stop Running Back & Forth To Your Old Controller

For larger multi zone ground irrigation systems, the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller makes efficiently managing your landscapes watering needs a breeze.

Rachio 8 or 12 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller

A buyers choice The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is the highest rated wireless sprinkler controller available, with more 5 star ratings than any other smart sprinkler control device. Customize and make adjustments to any water zone from your smart phone, laptop, and other smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

Save significantly more water with highly accurate water distribution, through individual zone customization based on soil type, and plant water needs. Local weather monitoring adjusts for periods of drought, rain, and wind, and smart leak detection notifies you of water loss anywhere in your ground watering system. Easy DIY installation and setup requires no special tools or expertise. Customer support is available 7 days a week if you need help.