Our Top 5 Gifts Ideas & Accessories For The Avid Skier Or Snowboarder

Finding the perfect gift can often be quite a challenge. If you have a snow skier or snowboarder you are shopping for, check out these unique and highly rated snowboard and ski gift ideas that are sure to be a favorite. 

1. WhiSki High Performance Ski Poles With Flasks

A truly unique gift WhiSki ski poles come with an internal drinking flask from the handle to tip. Fill with water, or your favorite beverage, and stay hydrated on the slopes! No need to carry a cumbersome water bottle. Constructed with extremely light weight high quality aircraft grade aluminium for professional performance. The anchored screw top is easily opened with one hand allowing quick refreshment without the need to remove gloves. Flasks hold 8 fl oz. per pole, and includes collapsible fill funnel. The perfect gift for the notoriously difficult to shop for skier.

2. Demon Hyper Speed Ski & Snowboard Performance Tuning Kit

Demons ski and snowboard tuning kit has everything the avid ski and snowboarder might need for hyper speed performance on the slopes. The comprehensive kit comes with durable carry case, and includes: adjustable temp iron with lifetime warranty, 1 lb of high quality wax, edge file, edge tuner, brass nylon and horse hair brushes, tuning stone, and much more.

3. Superfeet Red Hot Insoles - For Warmth & Comfort On The Slopes

Superfeets quality insoles are specialty made for snowboard and snow ski boots. A unique foil design, and slim contoured shape improves heat retention, foot cushion and shock absorption, which translates to greater comfort, performance, and pain relief on the slopes. Available in multiple sizes, and fit most any snowboard, ski boot, or snow boot type. 

4. Bowtie Snow Ski & Pole Carry/Sling

Anyone who has done a bit of snow skiing knows carrying your poles and skis, and other gear can be quite difficult. Bowties simple to use compact snow ski sling makes carrying snow skis and poles easy and comfortable. Use across the back, over the shoulder or side carry, freeing up your hands for other things. The durable straps fit any ski type with or without poles. A great gift for both youth and adults.

5. Akaso 4k HD Sports Action Camera -

With four times the resolution of traditional HD cameras and an extra wide angle lens, the Akaso 4k HD Sports action Camera is perfect for incredible hands free photo and video recording of your action on the slopes. Attach easily to ski and snowboard helmets, and control with a wireless wrist remote. Built in Wifi & HDMI allows you to share your photos or videos instantly. Its waterproof durable design and custom features are also great for bicycling, scuba diving, and more.